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Cell. 1979 Dec;18(4):1247-59.

Isolation of cloned DNA sequences containing ribosomal protein genes from Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Yeast mRNA enriched for ribosomal protein mRNA was obtained by isolating poly(A)+ small mRNA from small polysomes. A comparison of cell-free translation of this small mRNA and total mRNA, and electrophoresis of the products on two-dimensional gels which resolve most yeast ribosomal proteins, demonstrated that a 5-10 fold enrichment for ribosomal protein mRNA was obtained. One hundred different recombinant DNA molecules possibly containing ribosomal protein genes were selected by differential colony hybridization of this enriched mRNA and unfractionated mRNA to a bank of yeast pMB9 hybrid plasmids. After screening twenty-five of these candidates, five different clones were found which contain yeast ribosomal protein gene sequences. The yeast mRNAs complementary to these five plasmids code for 35S-methionine-labeled polypeptides which co-migrate on two-dimensional gels with yeast ribosomal proteins. Consistent with previous studies on ribosomal protein mRNAs, the amounts of mRNA complementary to three of these cloned genes are controlled by the RNA2 locus. Although two of the five clones contain more than one yeast gene, none contain more than one identifiable ribosomal protein gene. Thus there is no evidence for "tight" linkage of yeast ribosomal protein genes. Two of the cloned ribosomal protein genes are single-copy genes, whereas two other cloned sequences contain two different copies of the same ribosomal protein gene. The fifth plasmid contains sequences which are repeated in the yeast genome, but it is not known whether any or all of the ribosomal protein gene on this clone contains repetitive DNA.

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