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Eur J Biochem. 1985 Feb 15;147(1):59-64.

Presence of hormonogenic and repetitive domains in the first 930 amino acids of bovine thyroglobulin as deduced from the cDNA sequence.


The sequence of the first 2831 nucleotides of bovine thyroglobulin mRNA has been determined from the analysis of a cDNA clone. Following a 41-nucleotide 5' untranslated sequence, a single open-reading frame encoding 930 amino acids was observed. This corresponds to the aminoterminal third of thyroglobulin, preceded by a putative signal peptide of 19 amino acids. The protein sequence was found to be essentially made of the sevenfold repetition of a 60-amino-acid-long building unit, interrupted at fixed positions by unrelated segments of variable length. The presence of an internal homology within the repetitive unit itself suggests that the 5' region of the thyroglobulin gene has evolved from the initial duplication of a relatively short sequence, followed by the serial duplication of the resulting unit. The tyrosine residue at position five has been assigned an important hormonogenic function [Mercken, L., Simons, M.-J. and Vassart, G. (1982) FEBS Lett. 149, 285-287]. This residue is flanked by sequence elements related to the repeated unit, suggesting that the hormonogenic domain evolved also from the basic ancestor sequence.

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