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Laryngoscope. 1986 Sep;96(9 Pt 1):948-58.

Amelioration of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity by fosfomycin.


The continued chemotherapeutic application of cisplatin (cis-diamminedichloroplatinum [II]) necessitates reduction of its dose-limiting toxicity without decreasing its tumoricidal effect. This research project evaluated the efficacy of fosfomycin, a phosphonic acid antibiotic, in decreasing or ameliorating the ototoxicity (high frequency sensorineural hearing loss) and nephrotoxicity (renal tubular necrosis and interstitial nephritis) of cisplatin. Experimentally, fosfomycin effectively inhibits aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity in animals and humans. The efficacy of fosfomycin in blocking platinum-induced toxicity in the guinea pig was evaluated histologically and functionally using cytocochleography and light microscopy of the organ of Corti and the auditory brain stem evoked response (ABR), and light microscopy of renal corticomedullary tissues, small bowel, liver, lung, and peripheral nerve. The results demonstrate that fosfomycin ameliorates the acute renal tubular necrosis and interstitial nephritis and markedly inhibits the elevation of ABR thresholds and simultaneous outer hair cell loss that can result from cisplatinum administration. Fosfomycin should be considered a potential antidote for the dose-limiting ototoxicity and nephrotoxicity of cisplatin chemotherapy.

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