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J Biochem. 1986 Dec;100(6):1433-47.

Amino acid sequence of the 203-residue fragment of the heavy chain of chicken gizzard myosin containing the SH1-type cysteine residue.


A fluorescent fragment of Mr = 23,800 was obtained by the papain digestion of N-iodoacetyl-N'-(5-sulfo-1-naphthyl)ethylene diamine (abbreviated as IAEDANS)-modified chicken gizzard myosin. The fragment was isolated by gel filtration on a Sephadex G-100 column in the presence of 5 M guanidine-HCl followed by anion exchange chromatography on a QAE Sephadex A-50 column. This fragment contained 203 amino acid residues which could be assigned as a COOH-terminal part of the S-1 heavy chain based on the homology with the known sequence of rabbit skeletal myosin fragment. The amino acid sequence was K-G-M-F-R-T-V- G-Q-L-Y-K-E-Q-L-T-K-L-M-T-T-L-R-N-T-N-P-N-F-V-R-C-I-I-P-N-H-E-K-R-A- G-K-L-D-A-H-L-V-L-E-Q-L-R-C-N-G-V-L-E-G-I-R-I-C-R-Q-G-F-P-N-R-I-V-F-Q- E-F-R-Q-R-Y-E-I-L-A-A-N-A-I-P-K-G-F-M-D-G-K-Q-A-C-I-L-M -I-K-A-L-E-L- D-P-N-L-Y-R-I-G-Q-S-K-I-F-F-R-T-G-V-L-A-H-L-E-E-E-R-D-L-K- I-T-D-V-I-I-A- F-Q-A-Q-C-R-G-Y-L-A-R-K-A-F-A-K-R-Q-Q-Q-L-T-A-M-K-V-I-Q-R-N-C-A -A-Y-L-K-L-R-N-W-Q-W-W-R-L-F-T-K-V-K-P-L-L-Q-V-T-R. The cysteine residue which was modified with IAEDANS was of the SH1 type (Cys-65). Pro-197 was suggested to be the NH2-terminal boundary of the alpha-helical coiled-coil rod sequence of gizzard myosin, based on the homology with the nematode sequence reported by MacLachlan and Karn (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S. 80, 4253-4257 (1983)). Three different COOH-terminal peptides (Val-Lys-Pro-Leu-Leu-Gln-Val-Thr-Arg, Val-Lys-Pro-Leu-Leu-Gln, and Val-Lys-Pro-Leu-Leu) were isolated from the tryptic digest of this fragment.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)

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