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Genetics. 1987 Feb;115(2):247-53.

Mutations causing constitutive invertase synthesis in yeast: genetic interactions with snf mutations.


We have selected 210 mutants able to grow on sucrose in the presence of 2-deoxyglucose. We identified recessive mutations in three major complementation groups that cause constitutive (glucose-insensitive) secreted invertase synthesis. Two groups comprise alleles of the previously identified HXK2 and REG1 genes, and the third group was designated cid1 (constitutive invertase derepression). The effect of cid1 on SUC2 expression is mediated by the SUC2 upstream regulatory region, as judged by the constitutive expression of a SUC2-LEU2-lacZ fusion in which the LEU2 promoter is under control of SUC2 upstream sequences. A cid1 mutation also causes glucose-insensitive expression of maltase. The previously isolated constitutive mutation ssn6 is epistatic to cid1, reg1 and hxk2 for very high level constitutive invertase expression. Mutations in SNF genes that prevent derepression of invertase are epistatic to cid1, reg1 and hxk2; we have previously shown that ssn6 has different epistasis relationships with snf mutations. The constitutive mutation tup1 was found to resemble ssn6 in its genetic interactions with snf mutations. These findings suggest that CID1, REG1 and HXK2 are functionally distinct from SSN6 and TUP1.

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