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EMBO J. 1986 May;5(5):1041-7.

Characterization of the promoter of the large ribosomal RNA gene in yeast mitochondria and separation of mitochondrial RNA polymerase into two different functional components.


We have characterized a DNA sequence that functions in recognition of the promoter of the mitochondrial large rRNA gene by the yeast mtRNA polymerase. Promoter-containing DNA fragments were mutagenized and used as templates to study initiation of transcription in vitro with a partially purified mtRNA polymerase preparation. Deletion mutants, in which increasing stretches of DNA were removed from regions flanking the promoter, define a short area essential for correct initiation of transcription. It virtually coincides with a highly conserved stretch of nine nucleotides that is found immediately upstream of all transcriptional start sites described thus far. Two different point mutations within this nonanucleotide sequence drastically reduce promoter function. Conversely a single point mutation that results in the formation of a nonanucleotide sequence 99 nucleotides upstream of the large rRNA gene leads to a new, efficient transcription initiation site. MtRNA polymerase can be resolved into two different components by chromatography on Blue Sepharose: one retaining the capacity to synthesize RNA, the other conferring the correct specificity of initiation to the catalytic component.

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