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Ukr Biokhim Zh (1978). 1978 Mar-Apr;50(2):243-60.

[On the regulatory role of amino acids in biosynthesis and formation of protein structure].

[Article in Russian]


There exist definite relations between certain amino acids in the process of protein biosynthesis. Interactivation in their incorporation into synthesizing proteins is observed between ones and interinhibition between others. The mentioned phenomena are observed in studies both at the model experiments on the enzymic systems in vitro and on the intact animals in vivo. This testifies to the fact that the established interrelations between certain amino acids are not artefacts but reflect the regulatory role of amino acids in protein biosynthesis. Amino acids, inhibiting incorporation into protein, inhibit its biosynthesis and, vice versa, activating incorporation of other amino acids they activate protein biosynthesis as well. Excess of any amino acid in the animal ration, especially against a background of the protein-free diet, causes in aminals the biosynthesis of proteins with another primary structure differing from that of proteins synthesizing with normal nutrition. So, the regulatory role of amino acids concerns not only the quantitative but also the qualitative side of the protein biosynthesis. Proteins with another primary structure differing from the normal one are synthesized as well in such extremal states of the animal organism as a long complete fasting, protein-free nutrition, cancer diseases at the last stage, thyrotoxicosis, developed atherosclerosis, and others. Here side by side with changes in the primary structure the physicochemical and immunobiological properties as well as the enzymic activity of proteins-enzymes change. Possible mechanisms are discussed of changes in the primary structure of the proteins synthesizing in the organism in the above-mentioned extremal states, including the effect of certain amino acids excess against a background of deficient protein nutrition.

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