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J Biol Chem. 1987 May 5;262(13):5978-84.

[3H]forskolin. Direct photoaffinity labeling of the erythrocyte D-glucose transporter.


Irradiation of erythrocyte ghosts in the presence of [3H]forskolin resulted in a concentration-dependent, covalent incorporation of radiolabel into several of the major membrane protein bands. Most of the incorporation occurred in four regions of the gel. Peak 1 (216 kDa) was a sharp peak near the top of the gel in the region corresponding to spectrin. Peak 2 appeared to be associated with band 3 (89 kDa), while a third peak occurred around the position of band 4.2 (76 kDa). The fourth region of labeling was a broad area between 43-75 kDa which corresponds to the region of the glucose transporter. Forskolin labeling of this region was inhibited by cytochalasin B and D-glucose, but not L-glucose. Extraction of extrinsic membrane proteins resulted in a loss of radiolabeled protein from the 216- and 76-kDa regions. Treatment of membranes labeled with either cytochalasin B or forskolin with endo-beta-galactosidase resulted in identical shifts of the 43 to 75-kDa peaks to 42 kDa. Similarly, trypsinization of membranes photolabeled with either cytochalasin B or forskolin resulted in the generation of a 17-kDa radiolabeled fragment in both cases. Photoincorporation of [3H]cytochalasin B into the glucose transporter was blocked in a concentration-dependent manner by unlabeled forskolin.

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