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Cell. 1986 May 23;45(4):545-53.

Changes in the chromatin structure of Drosophila glue genes accompany developmental cessation of transcription in wild type and transformed strains.


Three Drosophila salivary gland glue genes show a dramatic transition in their DNAse I hypersensitive sites during the short period between the late third instar and the white prepupa, which correlates with the cessation of their transcription. In culture cells, where the genes are inactive, there is a chromatin configuration similar to that of prepupal salivary glands. In two transformed fly strains where the sgs3 gene is active at new chromosomal sites, including one in which 2.6 kb of sgs3 upstream sequences have been inverted, the same DNAase I hypersensitive sites and developmental transitions are seen over the same DNA regions. These results, together with the analysis of transformants carrying rearranged sgs3 genes, suggest that there is at least one distal DNAase I hypersensitive site associated with an element of regulation which may be exchanged between sgs genes.

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