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J Immunol. 1986 Dec 15;137(12):3978-82.

Expression of immunoglobulin lambda light chain by the promyelocytic cell line HL-60.


The HL-60 cell line, established from a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia, can be induced to undergo differentiation along the granulocyte or monocyte/macrophage line, depending on the particular inducer that is used. In this communication we provide evidence that HL-60 cells also have B lymphoid characteristics because by flow cytometry and clonal excess calculations, these cells are found to express immunoglobulin (Ig) lambda light chains on their surface. Furthermore, HL-60 cells contain poly(A)+ RNA that hybridizes with a DNA fragment encoding the constant region of Ig lambda chains and comigrates with lambda mRNA on RNA blots. Treatment of HL-60 cells with a phorbol ester that induces monocyte/macrophage differentiation resulted in the loss of surface Ig lambda chains and lambda RNA.

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