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Prev Nutr Food Sci. 2012 Dec;17(4):269-73. doi: 10.3746/pnf.2012.17.4.269.

Comparison of nutritional compositions and antioxidant activities of building blocks in shinseoncho and kale green vegetable juices.

Author information

  • 1Nutrition Education, Graduate School of Education, Kyonggi University, Gyeonggi 443-760, Korea.


Shinseoncho and kale were divided into stem [shinseoncho stems (SS) and kale stems (KS)] and leaf parts [shinseoncho leaves (SL) and kale leaves (KL)] and made into green vegetable juices for analyses of nutritional compositions and antioxidant activities. Higher values of total acidity were observed in SL (0.736%) and KL (0.841%) than in SS (0.417%) and KS (0.335%) (p<0.05). Neutral sugar content showed higher values in SS (21.740 mg/mL) and SL (18.657 mg/mL) when compared with KS (1.497 mg/mL) and KL (1.452 mg/mL) (p<0.05). Protein content showed the highest value in SL (7.610 mg/mL) (p<0.05), while SS (0.403 mg/mL) and KS (0.403 mg/mL) showed similar lower values. Total polyphenol contents of SL (423.139 μg/mL) was significantly higher value (p<0.05) than those of other samples, which occurred in the following order: SL> KL (218.494 μg/mL)> KS (107.269 μg/mL)> SS (75.894 μg/mL). KL exerted the highest DPPH radical scavenging activity (84.834%) (p<0.05), which occurred in the following order: KL> SL (63.473%)> KS (52.894%)> SS (35.443%). ABTS radical scavenging activity showed that SL (66.088%) and KL (38.511%) had higher scavenging activities, whereas SS (7.695%) and KS (9.609%) demonstrated to be lower activities (p<0.05). In general, leaf parts had much higher antioxidant activities as well as total polyphenol contents than those of the stem parts. In conclusion, shinseoncho and kale, particularly their leaf parts, offer antioxidant properties in green vegetable juices and the consumption of them may be beneficial as a nutrition source and in health protection.


antioxidant activity; green vegetable juice; kale; nutritional composition; shinseoncho

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