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Pancreas. 1987;2(2):181-6.

Gabexate mesilate (FOY) protects against ceruletide-induced acute pancreatitis in the rat.


Acute pancreatitis (AP) is believed to result from intraparenchymal activation of trypsin and other digestive enzymes within the pancreas followed by autodigestion of the gland. Gabexate mesilate (FOY), a synthetic guanidino acid ester exhibiting potent and versatile inhibitory actions on a number of proteinases (e.g., trypsin, kallikrein, C1-r, C1 esterase, plasmin, thrombin, phospholipase A2), was examined for its ability to protect the rat pancreas against development of AP induced by pharmacological doses of ceruletide (CRT). Rats were i.v. infused for 6 h with either CRT (5 micrograms/kg/h) or CRT + FOY (50 mg/kg/h). In FOY-treated rats the serum amylase and trypsinogen concentrations were reduced by 60 and 80%, respectively, compared to rats infused with CRT alone. Histologically, the extent of acinar cell vacuolization in the pancreas was significantly reduced and interstitial edema, although not assessed by quantitative morphometric techniques, appeared to be qualitatively lessened in the FOY-treated rats. The ability of FOY to inhibit significantly AP produced by supramaximal doses of CRT, coupled with its inhibitory properties on components of the coagulation and complement cascades, stress the importance of continued research on this compound as a potential therapeutic agent for treatment of AP and its systemic sequelae.

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