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Dalton Trans. 2013 Oct 1;42(41):14813-8. doi: 10.1039/c3dt51785c.

A single-molecule magnet featuring a parallelogram [Dy4(OCH2-)4] core and two magnetic relaxation processes.

Author information

  • 1Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, Center for Molecular Science, Institute of Chemistry, Key Laboratory of Organic Solids, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190, P. R. China.


An alkoxido-bridged tetranuclear Dy(iii) complex, [Dy4(H3L)2(OAc)6]·2EtOH {, H6L = 1,3-bis[tris(hydroxymethyl)methylamino]propane}, has been solvothermally synthesized and characterized. An X-ray crystallographic study revealed that complex possesses a novel "parallelogram" [Dy4(OCH2-)4] core, and a new binding mode η(3):η(3):η(1):η(1):η(1):η(2):μ(4) of the Bis-tris propane ligand was observed. Magnetic investigations indicated that it is a single-molecule magnet (SMM), showing two distinct magnetic relaxation processes with the energy barriers of 44 K and 107 K, respectively. Such a two-step magnetic relaxation process could be well described by the sum of two modified Debye functions.

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