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Am J Physiol. 1990 Jul;259(1 Pt 1):G62-9.

NaCl transport across equine proximal colon and the effect of endogenous prostanoids.

Author information

  • 1Department of Anatomy, Physiological Sciences, and Radiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, Raleigh 27606.


In contrast to in vivo findings, the equine proximal colon fails to demonstrate significant net absorption of Na+ and Cl- under in vitro conditions. The present study was undertaken to determine if endogenous prostanoids are responsible for this apparent lack of ion transport. Proximal colonic tissues from ponies were preincubated in either normal Ringer solution or in Ringer containing 1 microM indomethacin and studied in Ussing chambers containing these solutions. Untreated colonic mucosa demonstrated negligible Na(+)-Cl- absorption in the basal state. In contrast, indomethacin-treated colon significantly absorbed Na+ and Cl-, primarily as the result of an equivalent increase in the mucosal-to-serosal flux of these ions. Preincubation of proximal colon in 0.1 mM ibuprofen-treated Ringer yielded similar results. Treatment of indomethacin colon with 1 mM mucosal amiloride eliminated net Na(+)-Cl- absorption without affecting the short-circuit current (Isc). The Isc in control tissue was significantly greater than in indomethacin-treated tissue and was reduced by 0.1 mM serosal furosemide. Serosal addition of 0.1 microM prostaglandin E2 or 10 mM serosal plus mucosal theophylline to indomethacin-treated tissues abolished net Na(+)-Cl- absorption and increased the Isc to levels indistinguishable from control. In contrast, control tissues were essentially unaffected by these secretagogues. These findings indicated that Na(+)-Cl- absorption in equine proximal colon was electroneutral (possibly involving Na(+)-H+ exchange) and that the tissue was capable of electrogenic Cl- secretion. However, under the in vitro conditions, basal ion transport was dominated by endogenous prostanoids that abolished Na(+)-Cl- absorption and elicited near-maximal electrogenic Cl- secretion.

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