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Biochim Biophys Acta. 2012 Jul;1817(7):1083-94. doi: 10.1016/j.bbabio.2012.04.010.

A unique regulation of the expression of the psbA, psbD, and psbE genes, encoding the 01, 02 and cytochrome b559 subunits of the Photosystem II complex in the chlorophyll d containing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina.

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  • 1Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Center, Szeged, Hungary.


Photosynthetic electron transport, chromatic photoacclirnation and expression of the genes encoding the 01, 02, and cytochrome b559 subunits of the Photosystem II complex were studied in the chlorophyll d containing cyanobacterium Acaryochloris marina MBIC11017 under various environmental conditions. During oxygen deprivation and inhibition of photosynthetic electron transport by dibromothymoquinone the psbA1 gene encoding a 01' isoform was induced. All of the three psbA and one of the three psbD (psbD2) genes, encoding two different isoforms of the 01 and the abundant isoform of the 02 proteins, respectively were induced under exposure to UV-B radiation and high intensity visible light. Under far red light the amount of Photosystem II complexes increased, and expression of the psbE2 gene encoding the alpha-subunit of cytochrome b559 was enhanced. However, the psbF and psbE1 genes encoding the beta- and another isoform of alpha-cytochrome b559, respectively remained lowly expressed under all conditions. Far red light also induced the psbD3 gene encoding a 02' isoform whose primary structure is different from the abundant 02 isoform. psbD3 was also induced under low intensity visible light, when chromatic photoacclimation was indicated by a red-shifted absorption of chlorophyll d. Our results show that differential expression of multigene families encoding different isoforms of 01 and 02 plays an important role in the acclimation of A. marina to contrasting environmental conditions. Moreover, the disproportionate quantity of transcripts of the alpha and beta subunits of cytochrome b559 implies the existence of an alpha-alpha homodimer organization of cytochrome b559 in Photosystem II complexes.

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