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Symmetric log-domain diffeomorphic Registration: a demons-based approach.

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  • 1Mauna Kea Technologies, France.


Modern morphometric studies use non-linear image registration to compare anatomies and perform group analysis. Recently, log-Euclidean approaches have contributed to promote the use of such computational anatomy tools by permitting simple computations of statistics on a rather large class of invertible spatial transformations. In this work, we propose a non-linear registration algorithm perfectly fit for log-Euclidean statistics on diffeomorphisms. Our algorithm works completely in the log-domain, i.e. it uses a stationary velocity field. This implies that we guarantee the invertibility of the deformation and have access to the true inverse transformation. This also means that our output can be directly used for log-Euclidean statistics without relying on the heavy computation of the log of the spatial transformation. As it is often desirable, our algorithm is symmetric with respect to the order of the input images. Furthermore, we use an alternate optimization approach related to Thirion's demons algorithm to provide a fast non-linear registration algorithm. First results show that our algorithm outperforms both the demons algorithm and the recently proposed diffeomorphic demons algorithm in terms of accuracy of the transformation while remaining computationally efficient.

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