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Langmuir. 2008 Jun 3;24(11):5816-24. doi: 10.1021/la800203y. Epub 2008 Apr 30.

Surface characterization of biocidal polyurethane modifiers having poly(3,3-substituted)oxetane soft blocks with alkylammonium side chains.

Author information

  • 1Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23284, USA.


This paper focuses on surface characterization of P[ AB] copolyoxetane soft block polyurethanes having either fluorous (3FOx, -CH2OCH 2CF3) or PEG-like (ME2Ox, -CH2(OCH2CH2) 2OCH3), A side chains and alkylammonium, B side chains. Physical surface characterization data were analyzed in light of the previously observed order of antimicrobial effectiveness for a set of four surface modifiers. Ample physical evidence for surface concentration of fluorous 2 wt % P[ AB]-polyurethane modifiers was obtained from XPS, contact angles, ATR-IR spectroscopy, and TM-AFM. In TM-AFM phase imaging, the most effective biocidal surface modifier, 2 wt % HMDI-BD(30)/P[(3FOx)(C12)-0.89:0.11]-PU, showed a nanoscale phase-separated structure consisting of 200 nm domains with background features about 10 times smaller. Despite similar surface characterization data, the 2 wt % fluorous C6 analog ranked third in contact biocidal effectiveness. Physical evidence for surface concentration of 2 wt % P[(ME2Ox)(C12)-0.86:0.14]-PU was modest, considering that antimicrobial effectiveness was second only to 2 wt % HMDI-BD(30)/P[(3FOx)(C12)-0.89:0.11]-PU. In this set of surface modifiers, nanoscale morphology is largely driven by the fluorous component, whereas antimicrobial effectiveness is more strongly influenced by alkylammonium chain length. The effect of alkylammonium side chain length on surface concentration and antimicrobial behavior is more pronounced for ME2Ox polyurethanes compared to the 3FOx analogs.

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