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Biochem J. 1991 Dec 15;280 ( Pt 3):617-23.

The human collagen X gene. Complete primary translated sequence and chromosomal localization.

Author information

  • 1Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester, U.K.


We report on the complete primary translated sequence of human alpha 1(X) collagen, deduced from a genomic clone, and the chromosomal localization of the human collagen X gene. The primary translated product of human collagen X is encoded by two exons of 169 bp and approx. 2940 bp. The 169 bp exon encodes 15 bp of 5'-end untranslated sequence, 18 amino acid residues (54 bp) of signal peptide and 33 1/3 amino acid residues (100 bp) of the N-terminal non-collagenous domain. The 2940 bp exon encodes 4 2/3 amino acid residues (14 bp) of the N-terminal non-collagenous domain, the complete triple-helical domain of 463 amino acid residues (1389 bp), the complete C-terminal non-collagenous domain of 161 amino acid residues (483 bp) and 1054 bp of 3'-end untranslated sequence up to and including a potential cleavage/polyadenylation signal. The size of the intron separating the two exons, as estimated by partial sequencing and Southern-blot analyses, is approx. 3200 bp. By a combination of somatic cell hybrid screening and hybridization in situ the human collagen X gene (COL10A1) has been assigned to the distal end of the long arm of chromosome 6 at the locus 6q21-6q22.3.

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