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Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 2006 May;19(5):502-11.

Upregulation of jasmonate-inducible defense proteins and differential colonization of roots of Oryza sativa cultivars with the endophyte Azoarcus sp.

Author information

  • 1Laboratory of General Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, University of Bremen, PO. Box 33 40 40, D-28334 Bremen, Germany.


The endophyte Azoarcus sp. strain BH72 expresses nitrogenase (nif) genes inside rice roots. We applied a proteomic approach to dissect responses of rice roots toward bacterial colonization and jasmonic acid (JA) treatment. Two sister lineages of Oryza sativa were analyzed with cv. IR42 showing a less compatible interaction with the Azoarcus sp. resulting in slight root browning whereas cv. IR36 was successfully colonized as determined by nifHi::gusA activity. External addition of JA inhibited colonization of roots and caused browning in contrast to the addition of ethylene, applied as ethephon (up to 5 mM). Only two of the proteins induced in cv. IR36 by JA were also induced by the endophyte (SalT, two isoforms). In contrast, seven JA-induced proteins were also induced by bacteria in cv. IR42, indicating that IR42 showed a stronger defense response. Mass spectrometry analysis identified these proteins as pathogenesis-related (PR) proteins (Prb1, RSOsPR10) or proteins sharing domains with receptorlike kinases induced by pathogens. Proteins strongly induced in roots in both varieties by JA were identified as Bowman-Birk trypsin inhibittors, germinlike protein, putative endo-1,3-beta-D-glucosidase, glutathion-S-transferase, and 1-propane-1-carboxylate oxidase synthase, peroxidase precursor, PR10-a, and a RAN protein previously not found to be JA-induced. Data suggest that plant defense responses involving JA may contribute to restricting endophytic colonization in grasses. Remarkably, in a compatible interaction with endophytes, JA-inducible stress or defense responses are apparently not important.

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