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Plant Physiol. 1984 Jul;75(3):832-8.

Optimal conditions for translation by thylakoid-bound polysomes from pea chloroplasts.

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  • 1Plant Biology Section, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853.


Polysomes bound to washed thylakoids from pea Pisum sativum cv Progress No. 9 chloroplasts are capable of protein synthesis when supplemented with amino acids, ATP and a regenerating system, GTP, and soluble factors required for translation. The extent of protein synthesis in previous reports, however, was quite low when compared to in organello translation. By systematic testing of parameters in the isolation of thylakoids and reaction mixture components we have been able to establish more optimal conditions. Incorporation of 2 to 10 nanomoles of leucine per milligram chlorophyll in a 20-minute reaction period is now possible, representing a 10- to 60-fold increase over amounts previously reported. Autoradiographs of solubilized, electrophoresed membranes show about 30 discrete labeled polypeptides which remain associated with the thylakoid membranes.

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