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Plant Physiol. 1983 Jan;71(1):1-6.

Energetics of Amino Acid Uptake by Vicia faba Leaf Tissues.

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  • 1Station Biologique de Beau-Site, 25 Faubourg St-Cyprien, 86000 Poitiers, France.


The uptake of [U-(14)C]threonine and of (alpha-(14)C]aminoisobutyrate (alpha-AIB) by Vicia faba leaf discs is strongly pH dependent (optimum: pH 4.0) and exhibits biphasic saturation kinetics. Kinetics of alpha-AIB uptake at different pH values indicate that acidic pH values decrease the K(m) of the carriers while the maximal velocity remains nearly unaffected. Similar results were obtained for both system 1 (from 0.5 to 5 millimolar) and system 2 (from 20 to 100 millimolar).After addition of amino acids to a medium containing leaf fragments, alkalinizations depending both on the amino acid added and on its concentration have been recorded.The effects of compounds which increase (fusicoccin) or decrease (uncouplers, ATPase inhibitors, high KCl concentrations) the protonmotive force were studied both on the acidification of the medium and on amino acid uptake by the tissues. There is a close relationship between the time required for the effect of these compounds on the acidification and that needed for inhibition of uptake.Studies with thiol inhibitors show that 0.1 millimolar N-ethylmaleimide preferentially inhibits uptake by the mesophyll whereas 0.1 millimolar parachloromercuribenzenesulfonate affects rather uptake by the veins.New evidence was found which added to the electrophysiological data already supporting the occurrence of proton amino acid symport in leaf tissues, particularly in the veins.

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