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Ann Thorac Surg. 2006 Jan;81(1):148-53.

Role of the sarcolemmal adenosine triphosphate-sensitive potassium channel in hyperkalemic cardioplegia-induced myocyte swelling and reduced contractility.

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  • 1Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri 63110, USA.



Hyperkalemic cardioplegia (Plegisol) has been shown to result in myocyte swelling and reduced contractility. We have demonstrated the elimination of these detrimental effects by the addition of an adenosine triphosphate-sensitive K+ (KATP) channel opener. To examine whether the mitochondrial or sarcolemmal KATP channel might be involved, volume and contractility in isolated myocytes from wild-type mice and mice lacking the sarcolemmal KATP channel (Kir6.2-/-) were evaluated.


Myocytes were perfused for 20 minutes each with control 37 degrees C Tyrode's solution, test solution, and then control solution. Test solutions were (n = 10 per group) either 9 degrees C Plegisol or 9 degrees C Plegisol with 100 micromol/L of diazoxide, a putative mitochondrial-specific KATP channel opener. Cell volume and contractility were measured by digital video microscopy at baseline and during the test solution and reexposure periods.


Myocytes from wild-type mice, perfused with 9 degrees C Plegisol, demonstrated significant cell swelling (11.2% +/- 0.4%; p < 0.01) and diminished contractility (32.5% +/- 9.6% reduction in percent shortening, 47.2% +/- 10.1% reduction in peak velocity of shortening, and 52.0% +/- 8.8% reduction in peak velocity of relengthening; p < 0.05) versus baseline. Cell swelling and diminished contractility were significantly reduced by the addition of diazoxide. In Kir6.2-/- myocytes, Plegisol caused a greatly reduced level of cell swelling (3.2% +/- 0.1%; p < 0.01), and this was unaffected by diazoxide. Contractility was unchanged in Kir6.2-/- myocytes after Plegisol.


The sarcolemmal KATP channel appears necessary for exaggerated cell swelling and reduced contractility to occur after hyperkalemic cardioplegia in mouse myocytes.

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