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Trends Genet. 2005 Jul;21(7):405-12.

Sister chromatid cohesion along arms and at centromeres.

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  • 1Laboratory of Chromosome Dynamics, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-0032, Japan.


There is an obvious difference between the regulation of sister chromatid cohesion at centromeres and along chromosome arms during meiosis, because centromeric cohesion, but not arm cohesion, persists throughout anaphase of the first meiotic division. This regional difference of sister chromatid cohesion is also observed during mitosis; the cohesion is much more robust at the centromere at metaphase, where it antagonizes the pulling force of spindle microtubules that attach to the kinetochores from opposite poles. Recent studies have illuminated the underlying molecular mechanisms that strengthen and protect centromeric cohesion in mitosis and meiosis, and the central role of a conserved protein, shugoshin.

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