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Parasitol Today. 1988 Mar;4(3):86-8.

Taiwan taenia and taeniasis.

Author information

  • Department of Parasitology, National Yongming Medical College, Taipei 11221, Taiwan.


Toeniids are large tapeworms, common throughout the world. Two species, Taenia saginata and T. solium are common parasites of man. The adult worms parasitize the small intestine, while immature stages (metacestodes or cysticerci) develop mainly in cattle in the case of T. saginata or pigs in the case of T. solium. Cysticerci of T. saginata rarely develop in man, although humans are easily infected with those of T. solium after eating raw or undercooked infected pork-producing the disease known as cysticercosis. In Taiwan, both the pork and beef tapeworms have been documented among aboriginal peoples - with T. saginata considered the most prevalent species. But, as P.C. Fan discusses here, the 'Taiwan Taenia' has several unusual features - not least the fact that beef is not part of the traditional diet of Taiwan oboriginols.

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