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Orv Hetil. 2004 Jun 20;145(25):1315-9.

[The role of essential metal ions in the human organism and their oral supplementation to the human body in deficiency states].

[Article in Hungarian]

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  • 1Magyar Tudományos Akadémia, Kémiai Kutatóközpont, Anyag- és Környezetkémiai Kutatólaboratórium, Budapest.


The role of essential nutrient metal ions (Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn and Co) often deficient in our foodstuffs, although vitally essential in the function of the human organism as well as the different reasons for these deficiencies both in foods and in the human body have been studied. The most frequent nutritional disease is iron deficient anaemia. Inorganic salts, artificial synthetic monomer organic metal complexes of high stability or organic polymer complexes of high molecular mass are unsatisfactory for supplementation to the human body, owing to poor absorption, low availability and/or harmful side effects. In contrast, we have recently found that mixed metal complexes of oligo/polygalacturonic acids with medium molecular weight prepared from natural pectin of plant origin are efficient for oral supplementation. Sufficient absorption of essential metal ions from metal oligo/polygalacturonate mixed complexes with polynuclear innersphere structure is due to the high ionselectivity and medium stability values. Metal oligo/polygalacturonate mixed complexes contain all deficient essential metal ions in adequate amounts and ratios for higher bioavailability of metal ions and optimal vital function. Therefore, by oral administration of these complexes, metal ion homeostasis and optimal interactions with vitamins and hormones can be ensured. Prelatent or latent macroelement Mg deficiency can often be observed among clinical or ambulance patients. Latent or manifest mesoelement iron deficiency is the most common, however, the occurrence of microelement copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt latent deficiencies is not seldom either. Supplementation studies utilizing essential metal oligo/polygalacturonate complexes led to satisfactory outcome without harmful side effects.

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