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Can J Vet Res. 2004 Jan;68(1):27-32.

In situ coagulation and transection of the ovarian pedicle: an alternative to laparoscopic ovariectomy in juvenile horses.

Author information

  • 1Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. shoemaker@skyway.usask.ca


The feasibility of leaving the ovaries within the peritoneal cavity after laparoscopic coagulation and transection of the ovarian pedicle was assessed in the juvenile horse. Elective ovariectomy was performed on 10 quarter horses, aged 4 to 5 mo, with the fillies in a Trendelenburg position. The mesovarium was isolated, and multiple coagulation and transection cycles were performed until all ovarian attachments had been severed. The ovaries were dropped within the abdomen, and hemostasis of the transected mesovarium was evaluated before closure. The mean surgical time was 33 min (range, 23 to 48 min). Ten weeks after surgery the fillies were humanely euthanized. At postmortem examination, the ovary location within the abdomen was noted. In 1 horse, there was an abdominal adhesion; viscera had been punctured during insufflation. Of the 20 ovaries, 4 were free-floating within the abdominal cavity; the other 16 were enveloped in the free portion of the greater omentum in the cranioventral abdomen. Histologic examination of the ovaries was performed to assess follicle cell viability. In both the free-floating and the attached ovaries, the deep blood vessels and all examined follicular structures were necrotic and partially mineralized. Laparoscopic electrosurgical transection of the ovarian pedicle without removal of the ovaries should be considered an alternative to other ovariectomy techniques that may be performed in young female horses.

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