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Microbiology. 2003 Oct;149(Pt 10):3011-21.

Bacillus subtilis spoVIF (yjcC) gene, involved in coat assembly and spore resistance.

Author information

  • 1Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Setsunan University, Hirakata, Osaka 573-0101, Japan.


In systematic screening four sporulation-specific genes, yjcA, yjcB, yjcZ and yjcC, of unknown function were found in Bacillus subtilis. These genes are located just upstream of the cotVWXYZ gene cluster oriented in the opposite direction. Northern blot analysis showed that yjcA was transcribed by the SigE RNA polymerase beginning 2 h (t(2)) after the onset of sporulation, and yjcB, yjcZ and yjcC were transcribed by the SigK RNA polymerase beginning at t(4) of sporulation. The transcription of yjcZ was dependent on SigK and GerE. The consensus sequences of the appropriate sigma factors were found upstream of each gene. There were putative GerE-binding sites upstream of yjcZ. Insertional inactivation of the yjcC gene resulted in a reduction in resistance of the mutant spores to lysozyme and heat. Transmission electron microscopic examination of yjcC spores revealed a defect of sporulation at stage VI, resulting in loss of spore coats. These results suggest that YjcC is involved in assembly of spore coat proteins that have roles in lysozyme resistance. It is proposed that yjcC should be renamed as spoVIF.

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