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Theor Appl Genet. 2003 May;106(8):1425-32. Epub 2003 Feb 28.

Dissection of resistance to soil-borne yellow-mosaic-inducing viruses of barley (BaMMV, BaYMV, BaYMV-2) in a complex breeders' cross by means of SSRs and simultaneous mapping of BaYMV/BaYMV-2 resistance of var. 'Chikurin Ibaraki 1'.

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  • 1Institute of Crop Science and Plant Breeding I, Justus-Liebig-University, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32, 35392 Giessen, Germany.


Ninety-three F(1)-derived doubled haploid (DH) lines from a complex breeders' cross involving the Japanese genotype 'Chikurin Ibaraki 1', which is resistant to barley mild mosaic virus (BaMMV) and two strains of barley yellow mosaic virus (BaYMV and BaYMV-2), three susceptible varieties ('Hamu', 'Julia' and a breeding line) and cv. 'Carola', which carries rym4 conferring resistance to BaMMV and BaYMV, were analysed for resistance to BaMMV, BaYMV and BaYMV-2. The DH lines fell into four phenotypic classes. In addition to completely resistant and susceptible genotypes, DHs were observed which were either resistant to BaMMV and BaYMV or to BaYMV and BaYMV-2. For BaMMV and BaYMV-2 resistance, segregation ratios approaching 1r:1s were observed, suggesting the presence of single resistance genes. In contrast, the segregation ratio for BaYMV fits a 3r:1s segregation ratio, suggesting the presence of two independently inherited genes. From the genetic analysis, we conclude that a resistance locus effective against BaYMV and BaYMV-2 originates from Chikurin Ibaraki 1 and segregates independently from the Carola-derived rym4 resistance that is effective against BaYMV and BaMMV. The BaMMV resistance in Chikurin Ibaraki 1 has probably been lost during population development. This hypothesis was tested using a simple-sequence repeat (SSR) marker (Bmac29) linked to rym4. All BaMMV-resistant DH lines supported amplification of the rym4-resistance diagnostic allele. To identify the genetic location of the Chikurin Ibaraki 1-derived resistance against BaYMV/BaYMV-2, bulked DNA samples were constructed from the four resistance classes, and bulked segregant analysis was performed using a genome-wide collection of SSRs. Differentiating alleles were observed at two linked SSRs on chromosome 5H. The location of this BaYMV/BaYMV-2 resistance locus was confirmed and further resolved by linkage analysis on the whole population using a total of five linked SSRs.

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