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Prenat Diagn. 2003 Apr;23(4):336-9.

A familial Xp+ chromosome detected during fetal karyotyping, which is associated with short stature in four generations of a Turkish family.

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  • 1Istanbul University, Institute of Child Health, Division of Medical Genetics, Istanbul, Turkey.


The short-stature homeobox-containing gene (SHOX) on chromosome Xp22.3 was recently identified as an important determinant of the stature phenotype. Deletions of the SHOX gene, some of them due to structural chromosome abnormalities, have been described in patients with idiopathic short stature and Leri-Weill syndrome. Additionally, haploinsufficiency of SHOX is a main cause for short stature seen in patients with Turner syndrome. Here we report an unusual X-chromosome abnormality, which was detected during a fetal karyotyping performed because of a previous child with Down syndrome. GTG banding demonstrated an extra chromosome segment on the terminal part of the short arm of chromosome X in the index case (karyotype: 46,X,Xp+). The same chromosomal abnormality was found in the mother and the maternal grandmother. All carriers of this chromosomal abnormality presented with short stature but no other associated symptoms. Whole chromosome painting of X revealed a homogeneous painting of the abnormal X chromosome indicating that no other chromosome was involved. Additional FISH studies with probe DXS1140 (Kallmann probe at Xp22.3), Quint-Essential X-Specific DNA (DMD probe at Xp21.2), XIST (at Xq13.2), and Tel Xq/Yq were performed, and no abnormality was observed in the intensities or the localizations of the probes signals. However, applying a specific SHOX gene probe (derived from cosmid LLNONO3M34F5) showed a loss of signal on the derivative X chromosome. Our results show that the Xp+ generation led to a deletion of the complete SHOX gene and caused short stature in the presented family.

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