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Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2002 Mar;126(3):316-20.

Argon beam coagulation for post-tonsillectomy hemostasis.

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  • 1Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Department of Otolaryngology, and Harvard Medical School, Boston 02180, USA.



The study goal was to evaluate the effectiveness of argon beam coagulation (ABC) in the prevention of post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage. ABC provides monopolar coagulation by arcing ionized argon gas to the target tissue; it is not a laser.


Two consecutive studies were performed as follows. In the first, a retrospective analysis of post-tonsillectomy bleeding in 344 patients was conducted. Final tonsil fossa hemostasis was achieved with ABC (257 patients) or with electrocoagulation (EC) (87 patients). In the second, a prospective, randomized, patient-blind study of post-tonsillectomy bleeding was conducted in 88 patients. Final hemostasis was achieved using ABC in one fossa and EC in the other fossa, with the sides chosen at random.


Post-tonsillectomy hemorrhage was defined as the expectoration of fresh blood, as opposed to blood-streaked saliva. The rates of bleeding for the 2 studies were as follows. In study 1 for EC, 20% for adults, 6.5% for children, and 10.3% for total; for ABC, 4.7% for adults, 0.6% for children, and 1.9% for total. In study 2 for EC, 19.2% for adults, 1.6% for children, and 6.8% for total; for ABC, 7.7% for adults, 0.0% for children, and 1.1% for total. The rates of hospital admission for observation or reoperation to treat the bleeding in study 1 for EC were 8% for adults, 6.5% for children, and 6.9% for total; for ABC, 1.2% for adults, 0.6% for children, and 0.7% for total. Corresponding rates for study 2 for EC were 15.4% for adults, 1.6% for children, and 5.7% for total; for ABC, 3.8% for adults, 0.0% for children, and 1.1% for total.


ABC is more effective than EC for hemostasis after tonsillectomy. The costs of ABC use vs the savings achieved from reduced bleeding are discussed.

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