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Mutat Res. 2001 Dec 19;487(3-4):157-72.

Transcriptional induction of repair genes during slowing of replication in irradiated Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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  • 1CNRS-UMR 2027, Institut Curie, Bât. 110, Centre Universitaire, F-91405 Orsay, France.


We investigated the inhibition of cell-cycle progression and replication and the induction of the transcriptional response in diploid budding yeast populations exposed to two different doses of gamma-rays resulting in 15 and 85% survival respectively. We studied the kinetics of the cellular response to ionizing treatment during the period required for all of the surviving cells to achieve at least one cell division. The length of these periods increased with the dose. Irradiated populations arrested as large-budded cells containing partially replicated chromosomes. The extent of the S-phase was proportional to the amount of damage and lasted 3 or 7h depending on the irradiation dose. In parallel to the division study, we carried out a kinetic analysis of the expression of 126 selected genes by use of dedicated microarrays. About 26 genes were induced by irradiation and displayed various pattern of expression. Interestingly, 10 repair genes (RAD51, RAD54, CDC8, MSH2, RFA2, RFA3, UBC5, SRS2, SPO12 and TOP1), involved in recombination and DNA synthesis, display similar regulation of expression in the two irradiated populations. Their pattern of expression were confirmed by Northern analysis. At the two doses, the expression of this group of genes closely followed the extended replication period, and their expression resumed when replication restarted. These results suggest that the damage-induced response and DNA synthesis are closely regulated during repair. The analysis of the promoter regions indicates a high occurrence of the three MCB, HAP and UASH regulatory boxes in the promoters of this group of genes. The association of the three boxes could confer an irradiation-replication specific regulation.

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