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Nucleic Acids Res. 2001 Nov 15;29(22):4691-8.

Characterization of the type IV restriction modification system BspLU11III from Bacillus sp. LU11.

Author information

  • 1Institute of Protein Research, 142292 Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia.


We report the characterization and cloning of the genes for an unusual type IV restriction-modification system, BspLU11III, from Bacillus sp. LU11. The system consists of two methyltransferases and one endonuclease, which also possesses methyltransferase activity. The three genes of the restriction-modification system, bsplu11IIIMa, bsplu11IIIMb and bsplu11IIIR, are closely linked and tandemly arranged. The corresponding enzymes recognize the dsDNA sequence 5'-GGGAC-3'/5'-GTCCC-3', with M.BspLU11IIIa modifying the A (underlined) of one strand and M.BspLU11IIIb the inner C (underlined) of the other strand. R.BspLU11III has both endonuclease and adenine-specific methyltransferase activities and is able to protect the DNA against cleavage by itself. In contrast to all type IV restriction-modification systems described so far, which have only one adenine-specific methyltransferase, BspLU11III is the first type IV restriction-modification system that includes two methyltransferases, one of them being cytosine specific.

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