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J Immunol. 2001 Jun 15;166(12):7090-5.

Cloning and characterization of IL-22 binding protein, a natural antagonist of IL-10-related T cell-derived inducible factor/IL-22.

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  • 1Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Brussels Branch and the Experimental Medicine Unit, Christian de Duve Institute of Cellular Pathology, Universit√© de Louvain, Brussels, Belgium.


The class II cytokine receptor family includes the receptors for IFN-alphabeta, IFN-gamma, IL-10, and IL-10-related T cell-derived inducible factor/IL-22. By screening genomic DNA databases, we identified a gene encoding a protein of 231 aa, showing 33 and 34% amino acid identity with the extracellular domains of the IL-22 receptor and of the IL-20R/cytokine receptor family 2-8, respectively, but lacking the transmembrane and cytoplasmic domains. A lower but significant sequence identity was found with other members of this family such as the IL-10R (29%), cytokine receptor family 2-4/IL-10Rbeta (30%), tissue factor (26%), and the four IFN receptor chains (23-25%). This gene is located on chromosome 6q24, at 35 kb from the IFNGR1 gene, and is expressed in various tissues with maximal expression in breast, lungs, and colon. The recombinant protein was found to bind IL-10-related T cell-derived inducible factor/IL-22, and to inhibit the activity of this cytokine on hepatocytes and intestinal epithelial cells. We propose to name this natural cytokine antagonist IL-22BP for IL-22 binding protein.

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