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Bioorg Med Chem. 2001 Feb;9(2):347-56.

Synthesis of variously oxidized abietane diterpenes and their antibacterial activities against MRSA and VRE.

Author information

  • 1Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu, Japan.


Variously oxidized 12 natural abietanes, 6,7-dehydroferruginol methyl ether (3), ferruginol (5), 11-hydroxy-12-oxo-7,9(11),13-abietatriene (7), royleanone (9), demethyl cryptojaponol (12), salvinolone (14), sugiol methyl ether (16), sugiol (17), 5,6-dehydrosugiol methyl ether (19), 5,6-dehydrosugiol (20), 6beta-hydroxyferruginol (23), and taxodione (25) were synthesized. Antimicrobial activities of synthesized phenolic diterpenes and their related compounds against MRSA and VRE were evaluated. Phenols (12-hydroxyabieta-8,11,13-trien-6-one 22 and 23), catechols (12 and 14) and taxodione 25 showed potent activity with 4-10 microg/mL of MIC against MRSA and 4-16 microg/mL of MIC against VRE. (-)-Ferruginol showed more potent activity than natural type (+)-ferruginol. Quinone methide 7 showed the most potent activity with 0.5-1 microg/mL of MIC against both MRSA and VRE.

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