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J Cell Sci. 2000 Jan;113 ( Pt 1):21-36.

Clathrin plays a novel role in the regulation of cell polarity, pseudopod formation, uropod stability and motility in Dictyostelium.

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  • 1Department of Biological Sciences, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242, USA.


Although the traditional role of clathrin has been in vesicle trafficking and the internalization of receptors, a novel role in cytokinesis was recently revealed in an analysis of a clathrin-minus Dictyostelium mutant (chc(-)). chc(-) cells grown in suspension were demonstrated to be defective in assembling myosin II into a normal contractile ring. To test whether this defect reflected a more general one of cytoskeletal dysfunction, chc(-) cells were analyzed for cell polarity, pseudopod formation, uropod stability, cell locomotion, chemotaxis, cytoskeletal organization and vesicle movement. chc(-) cells crawled, chemotaxed, localized F-actin in pseudopods, organized their microtubule cytoskeleton in a relatively normal fashion and exhibited normal vesicle dynamics. Although chc(-) cells extended pseudopods from the anterior half of the cell with the same frequency as normal chc(+) cells, they extended pseudopods at twice the normal frequency from the posterior half of the cell. The uropods of chc(-) cells also exhibited spatial instability. These defects resulted in an increase in roundness, a reduction in polarity, a reduction in velocity, a dramatic increase in turning, a high frequency of 180 degrees direction reversals and a decrease in the efficiency of chemotaxis. All defects were reversed in a rescued strain. These results are the first to suggest a novel role for clathrin in cell polarity, pseudopod formation, uropod stability and locomotion. It is hypothesized that clathrin functions to suppress pseudopod formation and to stabilize the uropod in the posterior half of a crawling cell, two behavioral characteristics that are essential for the maintenance of cellular polarity, efficient locomotion and efficient chemotaxis.

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