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J Immunol. 1999 Oct 1;163(7):3597-604.

Dendritic cells generated either from CD34+ progenitor cells or from monocytes differ in their ability to activate antigen-specific CD8+ T cells.

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  • 1Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI 48201, USA.


Dendritic cells (DC) can be generated in vitro from monocytes (M-DC) or from CD34+ hemopoietic progenitor cells (CD34-DC) but their precursors are not equivalent cells, prompting a comparison of the functional capacities of these APC. Both types of DCs established from the same individuals using the same cytokines displayed a comparable phenotype of mature DC (CD1a+, CD83+, CD86+, CD4+, HLA-DR++, CD14-, CD15- ) and were equally potent stimulators of allogeneic T cell proliferation, being both more powerful than immature M-DCs. An autologous panel of APCs produced in HLA-A2+ individuals, including CD34-DC, M-DC, monocytes, and EBV-lymphoid cell line was comparatively evaluated for presentation of the Erb-B2 peptide E75 to a CTL line. After short exposures (5 h) to E75-loaded APCs, similar levels of intracellular IFN-gamma were induced in Ag-specific CD8+ T cells regardless of APC type. In sustained cultures (4-14 days), more Ag-specific T cells were obtained when peptide was presented on CD34-DC (p < 0.05) rather than on M-DC, EBV-lymphoid cell lines, or monocytes, and these effects were dose-dependent. Activated T cells expressed 4-1BB, and the presence of 4-1BB-Ig fusion protein partially blocked Ag-specific CD8+ cell activation after CD34-DC or M-DC presentation. Our results show that 34-DC have a preferential capacity to activate CD8+ T cells and that this property is not strictly correlated to their ability to induce allogeneic T cell proliferation but due to mechanisms that remain to be defined.

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