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Cell Signal. 1999 Aug;11(8):555-62.

RdgC/PP5-related phosphatases: novel components in signal transduction.

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  • 1Research School of Biological and Molecular Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, Headington, UK.


A great variety of cellular functions are regulated by protein serine/threonine phosphatases (PP). This review summarises the current knowledge of the structural features, patterns of expression and involvement in signal transduction pathways of protein serine/threonine phosphatases related to PP5 and RdgC. Designated now as PP5/RdgC subfamily by P. T. W. Cohen in her 1997 study published in Trends in Biochemical Sciences, (Vol. 22, pp. 245-251), this heterogeneous group comprises phosphatases PP5/PPT, containing regulatory domains with tetratricopeptide repeats, RdgC/PPEF, which possess Ca2+-binding EF hand-type sites, and, recently discovered in plants, PP7. PP5 is ubiquitously expressed and appears to be a multifunctional phosphatase involved in a number of different signalling pathways. In contrast, expression of RdgC/PPEF phosphatases and PP7 is confined primarily to specialised sensory cells in animals and plants, respectively, which may be indicative of their more specialised roles in sensory signal transduction.

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