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J Clin Invest. 1999 May 15;103(10):1419-30.

Truncated apo B-70.5-containing lipoproteins bind to megalin but not the LDL receptor.

Author information

  • 1Division of Atherosclerosis, Lipid Research and Nutrition, Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri 63110, USA. zchen@imgate.wustl.edu


Apo B-100 of LDL can bind to both the LDL receptor and megalin, but the molecular interactions of apo B-100 with these 2 receptors are not completely understood. Naturally occurring mutant forms of apo B may be a source of valuable information on these interactions. Apo B-70.5 is uniquely useful because it contains the NH2-terminal portion of apo B-100, that includes only one of the two putative LDL receptor-binding sites (site A). The lipoprotein containing apo B-70. 5 (Lp B-70.5) was purified from apo B-100/apo B-70.5 heterozygotes by sequential ultracentrifugation combined with immunoaffinity chromatography. Cell culture experiments, ligand blot analysis, and in vivo studies all consistently showed that Lp B-70.5 is not recognized by the LDL receptor. The kidney was identified as a major organ in catabolism of Lp B-70.5 in New Zealand white rabbits. Autoradiographic analysis revealed that renal proximal tubular cells selectively removed Lp B-70.5. On ligand blotting of renal cortical membranes, Lp B-70.5 bound only to megalin. The ability of megalin to mediate cellular endocytosis of Lp B-70.5 was confirmed using retinoic acid/dibutyryl cAMP-treated F9 cells. This study suggests that the putative LDL receptor-binding site A on apo B-100 might not by itself be a functional binding domain and that the apo B-binding sites recognized by the LDL receptor and by megalin may be different. Moreover, megalin may play an important role in renal catabolism of apo B truncations, including apo B-70.5.

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