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Chromosoma. 1976 Sep 24;57(4):387-96.

Polytene chromosomes in pupal and adult blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae).


A number of pupal and adult tissues of eight Australian blackfly species representing three genera, Austrosimulium, Cnephia and Simulium, were examined for the presence of polytene chromosomes. Banded polytene chromosomes were found in malpighian tubules, hind gut, fat body, and ovary, but only those from the malpighian tubules of female adults and pupae were of good quality. A detailed comparison of polytene chromosomes from larval salivary glands and adult malpighian tubules was made in S. ornatipes and, to a limited extent, in S. melatum. The banding patterns of chromosomes from both tissues were found to be identical with minor differences in puffing patterns in S. ornatipes and chromocenter characteristics in S. melatum. A survey of the remaining six species shows five of them to have malpighian chromosomes suitable for detailed cytological analysis. Simultaneous studies of larval, pupal and adult polytene chromosome systems offer a novel approach to the analysis of population problems in blackflies. The ability to recognise sibling species in adults also has potential practical significance in efforts to control vectors of onchocerciasis.

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