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ID: 2968039

PTZ00943   serine-threonine kinase receptor-associated protein

Ubiquitous enzymes present in the cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, vesicles, and cytoskeleton of eukaryotic cells. They have a variety of functions: regulate DNA repair, mitosis,and signal transduction.


Conserved in:Eukaryota
Total genera:4
Total organisms:7
Putative Paralogs:0
Locuses: strap
EC Number:
KEGG KO:K13137
InterPro:IPR001680; IPR011046; IPR013979; IPR015943; IPR017986; IPR019775; IPR019781; IPR019782; IPR020472
CDDs:cl02567:WD40, cd00200:WD40(superfamily:cl02567), COG2319



Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLocus_tagLength (aa) UniProtKB / SwissProtBLINK

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