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ID: 2689846

CLSN2689846   ABC transporter D family member 1-like


Conserved in:Embryophyta
Total genera:11
Total organisms:12
Putative Paralogs:3
Locuses: LOC100261449, LOC100786592, LOC100791623, LOC100796571, LOC100813765, LOC100828676, Os05g0107600, PXA1, SmABCD10, ppabcd5, ppabcd6
InterPro:IPR003439; IPR003593; IPR010509; IPR011527; IPR017871; IPR017940
CDDs:TIGR01189:ccmA, TIGR00954:3a01203, pfam00005:ABC_tran, pfam06472:ABC_membrane_2(superfamily:cl00549), cl00549:ABC_membrane, cl09099:P-loop_NTPase, COG1122:CbiO, COG1132:MdlB, COG1136:SalX, COG4133:CcmA, COG4178, COG4619, cd03223:ABCD_peroxisomal_ALDP(superfamily:cl09099)



Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLocus_tagLength (aa) UniProtKB / SwissProtBLINK

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