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ID: 2728176

PLN02724   Molybdenum cofactor sulfurase

R-S + R'-Mo -> R + R'-Mo-S where R is cysteine and R' is the molybdenum-containing enzymes aldehyde oxidase and xanthine dehydrogenase


Conserved in:Eukaryota
Total genera:12
Total organisms:13
Putative Paralogs:0
Locuses: ABA3, LOC100247369, LOC100787334, LOC100833860
KEGG KO:K15631
InterPro:IPR000192; IPR005302; IPR005303; IPR015421; IPR015424
CDDs:pfam03476:MOSC_N(superfamily:cl04100), PLN02724, pfam03473:MOSC(superfamily:cl04097), cl00321:AAT_I



Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLocus_tagLength (aa) UniProtKB / SwissProtBLINK

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