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ID: 2946416

PTZ00699   ATP-dependent DNA helicase

Catalyzes DNA-template-directed extension of the 3'-end of a DNA strand by one nucleotide at a time.


Conserved in:Eukaryota
Total genera:15
Total organisms:24
Putative Paralogs:10
Locuses: rvb1, rvb2
EC Number:
KEGG KO:K04499; K11338
InterPro:IPR003593; IPR010339; IPR016027
CDDs:pfam06068:TIP49, cl09099:P-loop_NTPase, cd00009:AAA(superfamily:cl09099)



Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLocus_tagLength (aa) UniProtKB / SwissProtBLINK

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