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Vitis vinifera (wine grape) genome view
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Vitis vinifera is the most cultivated and economically important grape species. Grapes are not only consumed fresh but processed in making juice and wine. Though new cultivars of grapes have been developed over last few decades, their introduction into the market has been difficult. An existing cultivar can also be manipulated for a desirable trait by genetic manipulation, if gene information is available.

V. vinifera is a diploid plant with 2n = 38 chromosomes. It has a small genome of about 500 Mb which makes genome analysis feasible in grapes. Large scale ESTs are already available for V. vinifera.

The multinational collaborative project has decided to determine the sequence of Pinot Noir PN40024, a homozygotic cultivar at 12X coverage. All the sequence generated in this project are deposited in the Trace Archive. A draft genome sequence at 8x coverage has been produced. The WGS contigs have been positioned on the genetic map. The RefSeq records have been produced from this material.

17 grape maps are available in MapViewer. The framework map and the Integrated map from the International Grape Genome Program is available. Also available are the underlying mapping efforts on which the framework map was built.

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Last modified: Apr 2 2009

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