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Zebrafish Genome Overview

Information concerning the continuing improvement of the zebrafish genome

The GRC is working hard to provide the best possible reference assembly for the zebrafish. The most recent Zebrafish genome assembly, Zv9, was produced by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and released on 22 Jul 2010. This assembly comprises 1.41 Gbp in 4,560 scaffolds. It was generated starting with 1.18 Gbp from 11,099 Tuebingen BAC clones ordered with SATMAP, a new high-density meiotic map. The resulting genome sequence was supplemented with a new whole genome shotgun assembly WGS31, based on a combination of Illumina and capillary reads from double-haploid Tuebingen individuals.

The GRC has taken over the maintenance of the clone path and is currently working on replacing whole genome shotgun sequence with high quality finished clone sequence, closing remaining gaps and placing yet unlocalized sequence.

Getting Data

We are planning on updating the zebrafish assembly to GRCz10 in early 2014. If you have questions or concerns about this let us know.

Next assembly updated

The next release of an integrated assembly is expected in early 2014.

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A graphical representation of the lastest zebrafish assembly, Zv9 (not showing unplaced or unlocalized sequences).


Page last updated: Oct 5, 2010