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Region information for region78

Cytogenetic location:

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Issue information
JIRA ticket ID Status Description Resolution text
MG-3908 Resolved There is an inversion in the overlap between components AC125224.3 and AC182748.2 Mis-assembled component AC125224.3 has been removed from the Chromosome 17 TPF. Flanking components CT009635.18 and AC182748.2 have end-to-end overlap so no further work is needed here.
MG-4222 Resolved There is a gap in the Reference between components CT033757.6 and AC154423.2. CT010495.11 has now been corrected (was previously incorrect data from RP23-225G13 (MG-3850) and added to the patches TPF and the chromosome TPF, replacing the WGS sequences CAAA01035565.1, CAAA01182071.1 and CAAA01035560.1, closing the gap.
Sequence information
GenBank ID RefSeq ID Sequence Type Length Alignment mismatch Unique sequence Show in Viewer
KB469742.1 NW_004450263.1 Fix 1,059,955 24 1,793

chr17 (NC_000083.6):54,687,402-55,747,384