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Human Genome Region CLTCL1

Cytogenetic location:

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Genome issues
Issue ID Status Description Resolution text
HG-329 Resolved There is a possible functional difference between the proteins encoded by RefSeq NM_007098.2 (CLTCL1) and the genomic region to which it aligns. Component AC000072.2 has been added to the reference assembly. This corrects a 1nt deletion occurring in the reference component L77569.1 that causes disruption to RefSeq NM_007098.2 (CLTCL1).
Patches and alternate loci
Show in Viewer GenBank ID RefSeq ID Scaffold type Length Alignment mismatch Unique sequence
JH720449.1 NW_003871096.1 FIX 212,298 28 6

CLTCL1 -- chr22 (NC_000022.10):19,134,297-19,346,604