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Human Genome Region CBWD3

Cytogenetic location:

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Genome issues
Issue ID Status Description Resolution text
HG-962 Resolved NM_201453.2 aligns to GRCh37 AL353608.20 with GT-AC splice sites at 539^540 the 'C' might be polymorphic or an error. [murphyte] FQ976557 (PCR_RP11_AL353608_1) has been sequenced and shows a G in place of the C represented in the reference. It will be entered into the TPF to correct the error.
Patches and alternate loci
Show in Viewer GenBank ID RefSeq ID Scaffold type Length Alignment mismatch Unique sequence
JH636059.1 NW_003871067.1 FIX 295,379 2 0

CBWD3 -- chr9 (NC_000009.11):70,835,469-71,130,847