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Human Genome Region CALCA

Cytogenetic location:

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Genome issues
Issue ID Status Description Resolution text
HG-873 Resolved D>N snp rs5239 in CALCA gene on AC090835.7 needs validating. PCR_RP11_AC090835_1 confirms the discrepant base should be a G, which agrees with the cDNAs and ESTs. This PCR product has now been submitted as a contained clone and the TPF uploaded.
Patches and alternate loci
Show in Viewer GenBank ID RefSeq ID Scaffold type Length Alignment mismatch Unique sequence
JH591185.1 NW_003871082.1 FIX 167,437 1 0

CALCA -- chr11 (NC_000011.9):14,873,971-15,041,407