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Variable Name and Accession

Variable Name: MHT2D
Variable Accession: phv00169214.v2.p1
Variable belongs to dataset: pht002742.v2.p1 : GTEx_Subject_Phenotypes: This subject phenotype data table includes demographic information (n=9 variables; gender, age, race, ethnicty, height, weight, and bmi), study eligibiliy, general medical history (n=21 variables), autoimmune, degenerative, neurological (n=11 variables), evidence of HIV (n=9 variables), blood donation (n=2 variables), information (n=41 variables), potential exposure: physical contact (n=3 variables), potential exposure: sexual activity (n=4 variables), history at time of death (n=10 variables), tissue transplant (n=2 variables), medical history source, death circumstances (n=24 variables), tissue recovery (n=13 variables), serology results (n=14 variables), organ donor or post-mortem cohort, and total ischemic time for a donor.

Note: This version of the variable has been superceded. See most recent version of variable

Variable Description

Diabetes mellitus type II (NIDDM, adult onset diabetes)

Comment: Diabetes mellitus type II (NIDDM, adult onset diabetes)

A type of diabetes mellitus that is characterized by insulin resistance or desensitization and increased blood glucose levels. This is a chronic disease that can develop gradually over the life of a patient and can be linked to both environmental factors and heredity.

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